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Flora & Fauna at Nature Pointe.

The land at Nature Pointe embraces a wide range of flourishing vegetation!

Most of the lots have abundant mature piñon pine trees mixed with Rocky Mountain junipers. Buffalo grasses, flowering cactus, sunflowers and Gambel oak are just a few of the vast array of flora that encompass this pastoral land. The canyon that bisects Nature Pointe is graced by 70′ tall ponderosa pines along its rock faced slopes.

Wildlife is a daily and cherished event at Nature Pointe! Bird watching may become a daily experience from your very own yard or while on an extended walk. Red-tailed hawk, roadrunners, hummingbirds and piñon jays are displayed on a regular basis. Red fox, coyote, bobcat, rock squirrels and jackrabbits thrive in the ecosystem of Nature Pointe and its surroundings. Mule deer are a sight to behold and can be seen in the early morning and dusk hours at their favorite browse. Spotting a coyote family of pups is a special memory to share with family.

Our covenants help ensure nature’s vitality by the design of building envelopes. Each envelope designates the portion of land to be developed, thereby creating generous wildlife corridors. We strove to create Nature Pointe in harmony with nature. Encounter nature’s bounty each and every day while experiencing everything Nature Pointe has to offer!