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About us.

About Nature Pointe.

The developer originally began purchasing the acreage that comprises Nature Pointe in 1992. As time went by, the direction for the development of such a beautiful community went through a series of ideas and brainstorming, resulting in even more improvements. Consensus Planning, a premier land planning company, was commissioned to proceed with master planning the entire 256 acres in phases to create 112 2-acre lots. Consensus Planning has possibly more collective land planning experience than anyone else in New Mexico. The developer’s original thought was to create a subdivision with some additional amenities that included a small outdoor pool, patio, and a volleyball court all initially drawn on the proverbial “napkin.”

A 90 item questionnaire was developed to capture the dreams and suggestions of a wide variety people in the real estate industry and beyond. Over the years, the level of amenities grew in order to create an unmatched level of life affirming opportunities, provided for our community in our beautiful 18,000 square foot clubhouse that we all enjoy today.

Many of these amenities, typically reserved for a resort or vacation destination, are now yours to enjoy on a daily basis at Nature Pointe. Each aspect was carefully weighed and evaluated before being included. Countless hours were spent consulting with experts on the best possible design of the facility with careful consideration given to annual maintenance costs. As part of our upscale, yet down-to-earth approach, diligent efforts were made to minimize annual costs to achieve reasonable homeowners association dues.

All roads to and within Nature Pointe are paved. All utilities are supplied underground, with the Entranosa Water Association providing water to the community. Premium design details include a landscaped entry and 4 acre clubhouse property.  Each driveway has a large stone marker adorned with custom metal artwork and address numbers.

The end result is Nature Pointe, a one-of-a-kind community, in harmony with nature and offering as many recreational opportunities as one might imagine. We welcome you as our neighbor and invite you to build a life at Nature Pointe.