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Nature Pointe Community Covenants Summary.

In order to sustain property values and the quality of life at Nature Pointe, the most important community covenants are listed below.  A complete copy of the Covenants is available using a link at the bottom of this page.

Architecturally approved styles of homes include: southwest, southwest contemporary, northern New Mexico, Santa Fe, territorial, and Tuscan.

Heated square footage is a minimum of 2000 square feet. A location and pre-plan submittal meeting is required prior to the design of the house to assist in covenant compliance. All plans must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Additionally, all auxiliary buildings shall be of similar design and quality.

Covenant design guidelines are in place to assure a quality home design and construction. Issues such as maximum building height, massing of wall elevations and landscaping details are controlled by the Nature Pointe Design Guidelines.

Buildings shall compliment and incorporate the natural colors indigenous of their surroundings. All color choices to be used for roofing, stucco, and other physical elements on the lot must be pre-approved.

The construction site shall be free of litter and must be clearly marked. Sites shall be marked to keep subcontractors from driving onto undeveloped portions of the lot. The site must also be returned to an aesthetically pleasing state upon completion of construction.

Landscaping must blend into the natural environment and requires ACC approval.

Fencing is generally limited to the building envelope in order to preserve and create a more open, spacious, natural look and feel throughout the subdivision. Fencing requires approval by the ACC prior to installation.

Homeowners association membership is required by all lot owners.  Vacant lot fees are currently $125/month and completed homes are $200/month. Fees include the use of the clubhouse and its associated amenities, as well as maintenance of private paved streets, trails, and landscaped areas. Homeowners agree to abide by all association rules.

Building envelopes total up to 30,000 square feet. The envelopes are designated to create the best building site with the least impact on the natural environment. Envelopes help ensure a significant distance between homes for maximum privacy. The envelope shall indicate if there is a restriction of a two-story home.

Motor homes, antennae, propane tanks, and mechanical equipment must be housed or screened from view. Keeping lot areas orderly will be simple with such great lot sizes. All buildings and screening must be pre-approved by the ACC.

Generally, only pets such as dogs or cats are allowed residence within the subdivision. Dogs must always be leashed.

Hiking trail easements will connect all lots to create 5 miles of loop trails for maximum enjoyment. No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed off paved roadways.

Paved roads are private and access controlled with an entry gate. Homeowners agree to abide by all posted speed limits and to watch for pedestrian and wildlife traffic.

View the Nature Pointe HOA Covenants (part 1)   (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

View the Nature Pointe HOA Covenants (part 2) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

There have been two amendments to the covenants.  The first amendment changes the minimum square footage to 2000 square feet as stated above.  The second amendment allows the conduct of special events such as weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, community or political meetings and similar activities at the Clubhouse.  Funds received from such events will be used for the expenses of the Clubhouse and other common areas of the HOA.