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Terrain of Nature Pointe.

The 256 acres comprising Nature Pointe coves a wide range of terrain, ranging from 6900′ to over 7100′ elevation. Nature Pointe is blessed to have a relatively gentle slope descending to the North. This generally allows the placement of your home’s view windows to capture the drama of the dominant slopes of the Sandia Mountains to the Northwest as well as the views of further mountain ranges to the North. Since the most of the lots have this “terrace-like” slope from North to South, future homes built on the expansive 2-acre lots will in most cases not obscure the uncompromising views.

Since the slopes are generally gentle, your driveway, building pad sites, outlying courtyards and lot development are easier to incorporate into your home site at Nature Pointe. We hope that you will explore the beauty of Nature Pointe in all of Nature’s grandeur!