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The Seasons, for those new to the Land of Enchantment.

The short thirteen-minute drive from Albuquerque to Nature Pointe is long on benefits! Nestled in the eastern range of the Sandia Mountains at an altitude of 7000′, our community boasts temperatures that average approximately seven degrees cooler year-round than Albuquerque. The number of sunny days is a dream for a transplant from the Midwest or the East.
At an average annual precipitation of approximately sixteen inches per year, Nature Pointe is blessed with upwards of twice the moisture that Albuquerque receives. Much of the moisture (41%) comes during the rainy season from July to September. The thunderstorms originate from the remnants of monsoon storms from Mexico to the south. These thunderstorms are an awe-inspiring site to behold, providing moisture for flora and fauna alike. Winter snows are gorgeous, but are infrequent, as this season provides the smallest portion (20%) of the annual precipitation. If you cross-country ski, try the five miles of trails within Nature Pointe. Strap your skis on soon, as most snowfall tends to melt within a few days. Or, if you don’t ski, enjoy a long soak at the outdoor spa, taking in the beauty of creation as you watch the snowflakes fall.

The extra rainfall is evident by viewing the thicker and taller pinon pine trees that abundantly populate the area. Other flora flourish as well, making it a beautiful backdrop to the change of seasons. Such vegetation provides a spectacular home for a wide variety of wildlife seen on a daily basis. Deer, Hawks, Coyote, Rabbits, Fox, Roadrunners, Falcon, Wild Turkey and a wide variety of other birds make their home at Nature Pointe.

The high mountain air provides a cool, fresh respite from the city to the west. Humidity year-round is significantly lower than the rest of the country, so the summer highs and the winter lows are more temperate and comfortable than other climates with higher humidity levels.

Sunshine is plentiful year-round at Nature Pointe, with New Mexico having the most winter sunshine than any state except Arizona. Many sun-filled days await, providing numerous opportunities to walk the trails, watch the autumn leaves change color or spy on the fauna that grace the spectacular landscape.  For current and future weather conditions visit for current weather and forecasts for the East Mountain area.

With four seasons, you will look forward to the specter of the autumn colors, snow covered mountain vistas and the new growth of spring at Nature Pointe.

So, take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the clean healthy air. Come home to Nature Pointe, our lifestyle is upscale, yet down to earth, and it awaits you!