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HOA Dues

Vacant lots have monthly dues of $179.00 per month and completed homes (with certificate of occupancy) have monthly dues of  $236.00 per month.

Minimizing yearly operating expenses were a top consideration in the planning of all amenities within the subdivision. Our most important component to minimizing annual expenses was to build a spacious apartment that would provide a quality home for the management couple to live onsite. By providing a quality place to live at no rent expense or utility expense to the managers, we will be able to attract a couple to perform nearly all of the maintenance in-house.

Other substantial investments were made to reduce monthly dues are as follows: automatic pool cover to keep heat in the pool when not in use; state-of-the-art pool sanitizing system using common salt, instead of chlorine; extra insulation for controlling heating and air-conditioning costs; xeriscape landscaping; airtight efficient heating fireplaces; low maintenance flooring; rainwater recapture; low water-use fixtures; efficient lighting, etc.