The Spa
Nature Pointe

Shangri-la found? At a roomy 10-feet square, you may find yourself soaking in our over-sized spa late into the evening. Now you will be able to enjoy stargazing year-round, no matter the weather. ┬áThe spa will be the perfect conclusion to a day hike to Cedro Peak in the Cibola Forest! And don’t forget to light the kiva fireplace for a romantic moonlit soak near the flickering flames.

A luxury, yes, but the beneficial effects of hydro-massage on sore muscles, stiff joints and improved circulation are sometimes just what the doctor ordered!

The spa’s water therapy will lift you up, release tensions and melt away your stress. Many people love to complete their swim routine knowing the reward of a warm retreat to the spa is a few steps away.

We decided on an outdoor spa so you can feel the fresh air on your face while letting the stress of the day leave you at water’s edge. Begin and end your day in the spa; we know you will enjoy this exhilarating experience!