Massage Room
Clubhouse Amenities
Ahhh! A massage. What could be more relaxing and stress relieving than a massage? Massage therapy is not just a luxury anymore, but the ultimate completion of mental and physical rejuvenation. The health effects are becoming more thoroughly understood with a host of ailment relief. Just think of Nature Pointe as your spa oasis at home.
Our Migun automatic massage bed gives the option of a 15 or 35 minute, heated massage at your convenience. ┬áBe sure to give yourself this periodic treat. ┬áBefore your massage, don’t forget to loosen up in the steam room/sauna just steps away from the massage room to get the maximum benefit of a your body massage.

Close your eyes, relax and luxuriate, enjoy a well-deserved visit at the massage room. There is nothing like it!