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Does the irresistible call of water beckon you? The natatorium is 44′ by 80′ with 22′ by 60′ lap lanes. Nature Pointe wanted something different from the common, small outdoor pool. After extensive research, we concluded that the maximum enjoyment and health benefits would be achieved by custom designing a year-round heated indoor pool. The response to our survey-questionnaire showed such community excitement for an indoor pool, that we spared no expense or design limitation on its beautiful outcome.After consulting with a variety of experts and swimmers, we found that the 60′ lanes would empower a workout to condition a serious swimmer’s heart. The pool also provides for all other recreational swimming needs that the community may desire. So, if it is your child’s or grandchild’s birthday swim party you wish to plan, you have found your destination. Unlike most indoor pools, we have provided very ample deck area around the pool for safety, lounging, or reading a book in the natatorium after you swim. High reaching 16-foot ceilings were designed to create an open, spacious feeling, also accommodating water volleyball games.

The indoor pool is equipped with state of the art underwater color-changing LED lighting. Additional refinements to the pool package include a pool cover for heat conservation and safety. An automatic pool cleaning system is in place to reduce maintenance costs. A handicapped lift is available for use, as needed. The disinfection system is the latest generation AquaPure system salt generator, both sanitizing the water and softening the water for your skin. AquaPure creates a most enjoyable pool experience, as strong chlorine smells are now a thing of the past. A humidistat ventilates the pool to further increase comfort in the natatorium. The deck is heated with radiant heat.

Four pairs of 8′ by 8′ over-sized French doors provide plenty of access to the generously sized sun deck during New Mexico’s many sunny days. The large patio sun deck offers a place to dry out after getting wet, soak in some sun, read a book, or even take a nap if you like. Don’t forget the smaller west patio giving you a quiet deck for a lazy and relaxing day at the pool.

Whether you are lap swimming, water walking or doing water aerobics, swimming has long been proven to be the healthiest low impact exercise available. Nature Pointe makes it available year-round! Invite some friends over, take delight in the pool even more than your own, since you will not have to worry about any maintenance issues. Reward your family and guests with endless, healthy fun-filled days swimming to your heart’s content. Enjoy the indoor pool as much as we have enjoyed designing it!