Cibola National Forest
Nature Pointe

The awesome Cibola National Forest consists of approximately 18,000 acres. Unspoiled glory is adjacent to the community and available for your hiking, running, biking, strolling, rock climbing and exploring pleasures. There are over 100 miles of interconnecting trails within this pristine land. Cedro Peak is just one of many destinations that are yours for the effort. Solitude is found on these miles and miles of interwoven trails. There is an inviting 35′ rock face just west of Nature Pointe for experienced rock climbers, (safety gear is required)!

The Cibola National Forest offers recreational opportunities that cannot be beat. We are blessed to be adjacent to this abundance of wildlife, canyons and valleys. Make a short excursion into the forest haven and give your mind a needed rest. Spend the day discovering a new favorite destination!